Welcome, alien tourists :)

Yahoo! Answers - Why are Parisians so unfriendly?:
"...I have encountered people who don't want to be my instant buddy or become my unpaid travel guide but I take no offense. My attitude is that strangers owe me nothing. On the other hand, I have meet a lot of Parisians who have been helpful. I take this as a gift."

Most of us live, work ,commmute and generally spend our days in small spaces. We are always late. This is a very beautiful but cramped (?) city.
If you have to ask for directions or anything, try people sitting in front of cafés, not those walking :)
You could also try bloggers, most read english and some may be able to give interesting answers.
Drink good cheap wine, eat expensive smelly cheese, visit old stones and have fun.
You might even want to try our expensive and excellent chicken.

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