Emploi du soir, espoir

Ca faisait longtemps, une offre d'emploi que je trouve sympa, en angliche parce que c'est indispensable, et c'est pour une agence anglophone, mais sympathique, qui s'y connait un peu en com 2.0.
Poste basé à Paris :


Digital cultivator :

Want to spend all day online—and get paid for something you are already great at?
You love the Internet, in a serious way. You had a gmail account before anyone else, were on the beta of Flickr, have mastered Myspace and Facebook and are already moving on to the next big thing.

In this role, you will work closely with a small team and will be responsible for identifying online opportunities for the distribution of communications. You’ll also be responsible for seeding these communications in the spots that are the most relevant and appropriate for Radar targets.

You haven’t read this far if you don’t love the Internet.
You lead an active online life.

You love experimenting with new technologies and figuring out how they work and who is excited by them.

You understand why things become popular online and how to put content in front of the right people to generate an audience.

We’ll want to use video, flash, copy and animation in our communications, so are hoping that you feel good about working with whatever is the next big thing.

You are comfortable operating in a Mac environment.

You are experienced with HTML programming, and have the ability of working in one or more of the following web technologies: PHP, Flash, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and/or ASP.

You are tickled by the thought of what is to come.

You care about the user experience.
- The position would be in France, ideally Paris, and would be contract based. The pay would be negotiable, but I anticipate that the job would be done by someone with under five years of post-secondary job experience.

J'ai résumé, laissez un commentaire ou courriel @ morgat1-at-gmail-point-com si vous êtes djeunz, hirsute, avec des chaussures de basket que j'avais honte de porter quand j'étais petit :) et voulez plus de détails, ou passez à vos voisins.

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